What is a USB Condom & USB Data Blocker and when is it used.

A 'USB condom' or 'USB data blocker' is a simple device that prevents any smartphone, tablet, or electronic device from transferring data and accesses the electricity battery only for charging.

We are constantly using mobiles. Today our life is going on with mobile and mobile is running with a battery.

Whenever the mobile battery runs out, it seems as if life has stopped.

Today we have started making digital payments to buy paan, bidi, and cigarettes, basic grocery products.

Hence USB ports are provided for mobile charging facilities at airports, stations, hotels, public restrooms, shopping centers, and elsewhere.

 USB Data Blocker
USB Condom  USB Data Blocker
You connect your mobile to it and start charging the battery, but have you ever thought how safe it is to do so?

But have you thought that this USB port which seems to be free from the hassle of not carrying the mobile charger and is a big threat to our privacy?

These USB ports, available in large scale in public places can be used by cybercriminals to steal our most sensitive data.

To avoid this, the so-called USB data blockers have been introduced in the market, which has been named "USB condoms".

These "condoms" are not latex like real condoms, but they provide you with uniform protection. This protects you from 'juice jacking'.

"Juice jacking" is a kind of cyber attack on your mobile phone, in which your mobile is infected through a public USB port, and malware is installed on your mobile phone, which is able to pass your personal data/information to cybercriminals.

Luke Sisak warned about this in the early week of November. Luke is an assistant at the Los Angeles County prosecutor's office in America.

#USB_condoms are like small USB adapters that have input and output ports. This adapter supplies the power to the mobile but stops the data exchange completely.

How much is a USB condom?

'USB condoms' are available in the US markets for $ 10 and are small enough that you can take them anywhere.

It is available online in India for 500 to 1000 rupees.

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According to Luke, the consequences of such cyberattacks can be "devastating".

He warns, "A free battery charging can empty your bank account. If Cyber ​​Criminal Malware installs, they can block your phone and steal sensitive information like passports and home addresses." "

According to IBM's Cyber ​​Security report "Malware can hijack computing power and your mobile will start to work slowly."

The report also talks about the dangers of theft of sensitive data. Cyber ​​experts also advise people to use 'USB Condoms'.