Navi Instant Personal Loan Apps by Sachin Bansal's

Navi - Instant Personal Loan

Sachin Bansal's startup "Navi - Instant Personal Loan" launched a new instant loan app. Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal's financial services startup company "Navi" has launched a mobile app "Navi lending" to provide personal loans to middle-income consumers.

Navi lending app providence services:

1. Get Instant Personal Loan Up To % Lakh.
2. Paperless Process Using PAN & Aadhaar.
3. Instant Approval within 2 Minutes.
4. Choose Your Load & EMI Amount.
5. Instant Money in Bank Account.
6. Manage Your Loan via App

Navi Instant Personal Loan
Navi Instant Personal Loan

Important points related to Navi - Instant Personal Loan App:

Instant loans up to 5 lakhs will be provided through the Navi Lending App with a repayment period of up to 36 months. This loan process will be a completely digital and contactless process for the customers.

Through this app, customers will be able to find out the eligibility of their loan, the amount of EMI, and need to enter their PAN and Aadhar card number to get the loan amount in their bank account within minutes.

This process is completely paperless and customers will not be required to upload any documents such as Paytm or bank statements.

Due to recent progress due to paperless loans know your customer (KYC) norms and availability of rich consumer data will be possible.

To prevent loan applicants' information and fraud, app-based lenders will be able to source customer data from trading and brokerage accounts and conduct credit and debit card transactions directly from banks.

Apart from this, information about the employment of the customer and information about the credit relationship will be obtained from the credit bureau approved by the Reserve Bank of India.

Important facts for the examinations coming from the Navi - Instant Personal Loan news

Navi (Navi - Instant Personal Loan) Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka.
Navi Established: 2018.


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