What is Control System | Control System Definition

Control system is that means by Which any quantities of interest is maintained or altered according to the desired manner.

Contol System = Contol + System

The objective of any control system ensures that the control variable is the same as a command but if any disturbance is taking place then the control system deviates from its behavior to restore the control system to actual behavior an element called sensor.

The sensor is introduced in the control system with the help of which the error in the response of the system compared to the given input can be reduced.

Through the sensor is the feedback element is introduced in the control system to reduce the error in the response it affects several other characteristics of the system namely speed of the response, gain,  bandwidth, sensitivity, etc.

The disturbance associated with the sensor cannot rectify and causes permanent error in the overall response of the system.

Block Diagram of Control System

What is control system
What is Control system

What is System

The system means transforming a signal.

Type of control system

There are two types of Control System

A. Open Loop Control System or Non- Feedback Control System or Man- Machine Control System

B. Closed-Loop Control System or Feedback Control System or Automatic Control System

Control System Applications

Biological propulsion
Material handling
Surgical, and endoscopic
Marine; and the defense
And the space industries.

About- What is control system, basics, definition, block diagram, Component, Application & Type of control system. Contol System = Contol + System. The system means transforming a signal.