Essay on Women Empowerment for School Students & SSC

Essay on India & World Women Empowerment

We Discuss an Essay on Women Empowerment, and what is the meaning, and definition of women empowerment, the Importance of women in our society, & the Legal Right to Women in India.

What is the Definition and meaning of Women empowerment? :- The empowerment of women is to make them independent of all the social and family boundaries, in all aspects of mind, thought, decision, etc.

Essay on Women Empowerment for School
Essay on Women Empowerment for School Students & SSC
This is to bring equality in society to both men and women in all areas. Women empowerment is very important to create a bright future for family, society, and the country.

Women have got a proper place in India since the unforgettable era. In ancient times women were considered to be Goddess and they were allowed to participate in Rajya. Occasionally women played an important role in governance.

In medieval India, the status of women was pathetic for a long time and they were considered as objects or considered a means of entertainment.

After attaining independence, the situation of women has improved considerably.
The government has taken several steps to empower women. Nowadays women are leading in education, defense, politics, and other areas.

In order to coordinate women, 50% reservation is reserved for women in the panchayat. The government passed the Working Women Act for Women and Women Commission has been set up in the state and in the country where women can raise their voices. 

A bill related to reservation of 33% in the Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha is pending in Parliament and it is expected to be passed shortly. 

The women police station has been arranged in every city where women can register their complaints. 

On triple talaq, the government has passed the bill from the Lok Sabha and it is now stuck in the Rajya Sabha. It is expected that it will be passed in the next session.

Despite the efforts of the government, there has not been a major change in the situation of women. Women are facing dowry practices, triple talaq, domestic abuse.

People still discriminate between boys and girls and men and women. Women are forced to stay behind the scenes. Their literacy rate is pathetic. 

They do not have the right to make decisions, and women do not consider it necessary to take consent before making any decision in financial matters.

Women should have the right to make decisions on important matters. 33% reservation for women who have been pending in Parliament on India for years should be passed very soon. Only a country with empowered women can become a strong nation.

Importance of women in our society

Now women are becoming not only an important unit of society but also affect social change in society.

Women can help society in various ways. They can engage in social activity and work for the betterment of society.

A young educated girl can work in her favorite profession. We need more doctors, engineers, software developers, and a social worker

Society has to be educated morally to accept women as equal to men and her dignity and freedom have to be respected as envisaged in our constitution. Let's strive hard for greater women in emancipation and empowerment.

Legal Right to Women

1. Protection of women from domestic violence act (2005) is a comprehensive legislation to protect women in India from all forms of domestic violence.

2. Dowry Prohibition Act (1961) prohibits the giving or taking of dowry at or before or any time after the marriage from women.

3. Commission of Sati prevention act (1987) provides for the more effective prevention of the Sati and its glorification of women.

4. Indian penal code 1860 provisions to protect Indian women from Dawry, death, rape, kidnapping cruelty, and other offenses.

5. Sexual harassment of women at a workplace (prevention, prohibition, and redressal). Act 2013 provides protection to women from sexual harassment at the workplace both in the public and private sectors whether organized or unorganized.

About- We Discuss Essay on Women Empowerment, Speech, and What is the meaning, and definition of women empowerment. Empowerment of women is to make them independent of all the social and family boundaries, in all aspects of mind, thought, decision, etc. Importance of women in our society, Legal Right to Women in India.

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