Essay on National Cadet Corps | Essay on NCC in English

Essay on National Cadet Corps (NCC) in English

Nowadays India is not on good terms with some neighboring countries. Our freedom is our birthright. It must be defended at all costs.

The defense of our country demands that all young men of the country should undergo military training so that their services may be utilized when needed.  With this end in view the National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.) The act was passed in 1948.

National Cadet Corps essay
National Cadet Corps
The main object of the Act is to impart military training to students reading in schools and colleges.  Since then the N.C.C. training has been started in schools and colleges.  Under this scheme, boys are given military training by their teachers trained in the N.C.C.

The N.C.C. has two divisions: senior and junior. The senior division is meant for college students and the junior for schoolboys. The boys who join the N.C.C. are called N.C.C. cadets.

The cadets of the senior Division are given training in drill, weapons, map reading, fieldcraft, first aid, and citizenship. The Cadets in the Junior Division are given training in drill, elementary map reading, elementary fieldcraft, first aid, and citizenship.  Just like the Army, the N.C.C. also has tree wings. Air, Infantry, and Navy.

Different Cadets are trained in different wings. Cadets, joining Air and Navy wings are given specialized training. Those who want to join the N.C.C. have to go in for a medical examination. They must be physically fit.

The Cadets wear a special uniform and have regular parades.  The uniforms are supplied to them free of cost. They are given refreshments after their parade is over. They have to attend the Annual Training Camp also. At times they have to take part in Social Service Camps.

The advantages of the N.C.C. are many. It makes the youth of the country disciplined, dutiful, and physically and clever. Thus they become very helpful in building the nation on a strong basis. Moreover, they can very helpful in defending the freedom of the country. Their services can be utilized when needed.

N.C.C. has become very popular.  It is the need of the hour. For this reason, the Government has made the N.C.C. compulsory in colleges. Every student should join the N.C.C. By doing so, he can be useful to the country and society. 

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