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Electronics & Communication and  Electrical & Electronics Book for GATE Preparation

In this article, we covered the best Book for Gate Preparation for ECE & Electrical EngineeringWhile preparing for the GATE 2021 Examand your branch is  ECE & Electrical Engineering, the biggest challenge you face is finding the correct book for each subject.

If you are preparing for the Gate Examination 2021 without guidance, then you can not finish the preparation of the gate within time. That's why I guide you in the best way to prepare the GATE exam through the selection of the best and important books on each subject.

Book for GATE for ece
Best Book for GATE Preparation

Gate Syllabus has hundreds of topics for Electronics and Communication Engineering / Electronics Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and there are many books available in the market, which are available for the same subject, so a selection of the book is a significant role to get rank

I am giving you the topic name, author's name, and buy link. I hope this book will work as a panacea for you to prepare for the GATE exam.

Here I am recommending books for the preparation of Gate Exam for Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering Branch. 

1. GATE 2021: Maths Book for GATE Preparation

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A) Engineering Mathematics - ESE, GATE, PSUs 2021 by IES Master Publication

(B) Made Easy Publication.  

This book- In this book cover full syllabus because this book was written only for GATE and IES aspirants. and Made easy publication book is very good compared to others.

2. Communication System By Simon Haykin

3. Fundamentals of Digital Circuit by A Anand Kumar

4. Best book for a Control system for Gate EE, Best book for a Control system for Gate ECE

(A) Control System By BC Kau

(B) Linear Control System by BS Manke

(C) Control Systems Engineering by New Age International Pvt Ltd

5. Signal And System By Schaums:- In this book given lots of question for practice and these question is an excellent standard for the gate and another competitive exam. 

6. Networks and Systems By D. Roy Chaudhury:- You know Network analysis subject is an exciting subject. Required more practice on this subject. In this book given lots of solved and unsolved problems, you can buy this book and start preparation.

7. Principles of Electromagnetics By Sadiku:- EMT subject is most top subject than another subject. please select the right book for easy to understand.

9. Fundamentals of Electric Circuits By Alexander Sadiku

10. Integrated Electronics(EDC) By Millman and Haljias

11. Electronic Circuit Analysis (Analog Electronics) and Design by Donald A. Neamen

12. Microprocessor by Ramesh Gaonkar

When you are preparing the gate, you need a diary of the formula which is below. Please visit and buy it.

1. A handbook for Electronics Engineering - This book only for revision purposes because in this book given all formula of ECE. by Made easy publication.

2. A Handbook for Electrical Engineering by Made easy publication

While you are the preparation of GATE you need a previous year question paper latest last 10 year but given below link book is include 31-year question bank with a solution.

1. GATE 2020: Electronics Engineering Solve Papers

2. GATE 2020: Electrical Engineering Solve Papers

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3. KD English General Competitions Vol-1 By Neetu Sing 

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Thanks for Reading This Article on Best Book for Gate 2020 Preparation for ECE

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