Essay on Educational Trip, Meaning, School Educational Trip Essay, for SSC CGL, CHSL, & School Student 

Traveling is an education in itself. It teaches us lots of lessons. We see new things and new places. We meet people of different types. In fact, life becomes dull without traveling. 

Routine work makes life dull and boring. But traveling adds to our knowledge and experience. Educational trips are arranged by schools and colleges. I also joined an educational trip last year. We made a trip to Vaishali.

Educational Trip
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It was the month of October. Our college was closed for Puja holidays. We hired a bus. We were about forty in all. Our teacher was also with us. We reached Vaishali in the evening. We stayed at the Rest House for the whole night. Our teacher told us something about the historical importance of the place.

Vaishali was the seat of democracy in ancient times. Lord Buddha had come to this place. Amrapali was the famous dancer of that small kingdom. We went to see the museum there. We saw many things of the past in the museum. Bricks, locks, coins, ornaments, and boxes were some of the important things.

Then we went to see the ruin of Vaishali, the Ashoka Pillar was made of stone. We walked around the nearby villages to see their past glories. Time is fast changing. That small kingdom lost all its importance. I enjoyed the trip very much. 

We returned from there in the evening. Such a trip would be very useful for students. Books give us bookish knowledge and make us less practical than theoretical. But educational trips give us a lot of knowledge and information.

It is truly said that learning without traveling is incomplete. So we must go on such trips. They widen our knowledge and make us practice in life. They give us a glimpse of the past or make us aware of the things in the present. Besides, they also give us a change from the dull routine work of everyday life. While returning from Vaishali, I remembered:

“We look before and after
And pine for what is not
Our sweetest songs are those
That tells of saddest thought.”

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